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Nature’s Relief Moringa Bulbine Toner


Natural anti-aging and anti-oxidant properties from Moringa leaf powder blended with potent collagen filling and protecting properties from aloe bulbina.

Dosage: Apply after cleansing and before moisturizing.

Ingredients: Lemon tea tree Hydrosol | Lavender Hydrosol | Aloe Vera Juice | Aloe Bulbina | Moringa leaf extract | Vegetable glycerine | Lemon Verbena oil | Lemon Oil | Palmarossa Oil | Ylang Ylang Oil | Neroli oil

Description: Moringa extracts have been scientifically tested and shown to effectively slow the aging process of the skin, by activating an increased collagen production, reducing age-spots and wrinkles, naturally counter-acting the effects of UV damage and improving, firming and evening the complexion.

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