I started taking the Nanotech CBD sports drops as per Devon’s recommendations after I explained to him that I was experiencing anxiety, burnout and consistently experiencing restless sleep and I wanted something to improve my sleep and calmness. The reason I got the sports drops was also specifically to help me with muscle recovery after intense training. I began by taking twenty drops which made me feel like my heart was racing but I reduced them down to ten drops which worked perfectly for me and I took the drops around 9pm because I go to bed at 10pm usually. I found this to be incredibly helpful for sleep and calming my mind. I used to wake up during the night but since taking the drops, I sleep straight through which was incredibly rare for me. I had an incredibly good experience with Nature’s Relief from the time I met with Jess and Dev in the Durban North Store, I felt at ease when speaking with them and the team. They were friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable and knew exactly what they were talking about and it made me feel like I could trust them. I would recommend them to anyone!


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