I started taking Nature’s Relief CBD drops after meeting and speaking with Jess and Devon at the Nature’s Relief Dispensary. Once speaking with them and explaining that I was struggling with sleep and anxiety, even experiencing some form of insomnia, Devon gave his recommendation. It was amazing for me to openly let them know how I was feeling and what my issues were and because Devon is so knowledgeable in the field, we spoke it through and he explained which products could help me with what I was experiencing and how they work, which is when he recommended the 600mg CBD Sleep drops which I started taking immediately. A full dosage is twenty drops which I felt were a bit too strong for me and I lowered my dosage to ten drops which was the perfect amount to take an hour before bed. I really feel that they work for me to sleep through the night and to become more restful and less anxious. I would definitely recommend Nature’s Relief as I have had an incredible experience with them.


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