I have been taking 10 drops of my 300mg CBD an hour before bed as this is the product I was advised to use by Natures Relief mainly for anxiety and sleep deprivation and although a little nervous to take CBD , I was pleasantly surprised by the product. At first I started off with 5 drops and my body wasn’t quite sure of what the feeling was – I didn’t feel the anxiety go away nor did I fall asleep. I increased the drops to 10 and actually felt the effects of the Calm. I felt relaxed and ready for bed! I slept through the whole night and was even a little disappointed I had to wake up! Natures Relief have such a supportive team and are always eager to explain and share a little bit of knowledge on healing the natural way. They keep updated with clients reviews by checking in to ensure that there is help when it’s needed. Natures Relief have their clients best interest at heart.

Tayla Nixon

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