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How CBD and moringa aid in decreasing the inflammation caused by autism

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How CBD and moringa aid in decreasing the inflammation caused by autism

Information obtained from (By Rachel Nall. Reviewed by Nancy Hammond, MD)

Autism is also known as autism spectrum disorder (ASD). In autism, a person develops repetitive behavioural patterns. Social interactions of the person, with other people, are also often impaired. ASD is usually diagnosed when symptoms occur before 3 years of age, in childhood. A number of neurodevelopmental conditions can fall under ASD. In some children, symptoms may become evident from birth, while in other children signs may occur as they become older. Some people with ASD may have debilitating social problems and others may function more independently. Autism is also linked to conditions such as epilepsy.

A person’s social interaction and communication is affected by ASD. Some of these include unusual speech patterns, avoiding eye contact, no response to their name, phrases that are frequently repeated and they find it difficult to maintain a conversation. There may also be late development of their speech skills. People with ASD also show repetitive or unusual behaviour such as repetitive motions (e.g. rocking from side to side) or lining up or arranging objects in ways that are very orderly. Savant syndrome can be exhibited by 1 in every 10 people with autism. In this condition, the person with autism may show extraordinary abilities in a specific field (e.g. the ability to memorize large amounts of knowledge). People with autism thrive on routine and if this routine is broken or the person is exposed to loud and over-stimulating environments, they can become angry, frustrated, distressed or sad.

Autism cannot be diagnosed by any specific test. Diagnosis is made by behaviour reports by parents, observation, and ruling out of other conditions. Currently, the causes of autism are not known. Several genes have been identified that appear to be connected to ASD. Environmental factors may play a role in ASD. Autism is not caused by vaccines.

Since every person with autism presents differently, there is no uniform treatment for the condition. If medications are prescribed by a doctor, these medications will usually address seizures, depression or disturbed sleep. Health issues such as epilepsy, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder and disturbances in sleep often accompany autism. There are therapies and strategies for managing these issues. Some of the current therapies include occupational therapy, speech therapy, verbal behaviour therapy (VBT) and various forms of communication support. Treatments that may improve the people’s quality of lives are under development.

Autism may be associated with inflammation. A study in 2017 found increased HMGB1 (a marker of inflammation) in the blood of young and adult patients diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder ( In a 2014 study, results showed an increase in neuroinflammation in an autism model ( Another study in 2014, concluded that neuroinflammation highly contributes to the autism etiology (  Data from a study in 2016 suggest that endocannabinoid signalling alterations that follow postnatal inflammation contribute to social behaviour impairments in adolescence (!po=66.5138).

Cannabis and moringa have potent anti-inflammatory properties and as a result may treat inflammation associated with autism. It is recommended that you use the CBD oil tincture or capsules or the full spectrum oil or capsules. The full spectrum oil contains a variety of cannabinoids that work synergistically to treat inflammation quicker and more effectively. Cannabinoids work better when combined together and their effects are longer-lasting. Always start with a low dose. Supplementing on a daily basis, with low doses of cannabinoids, such as CBD, may bring about homeostasis across all body systems, ensuring that all body systems work in harmony with one another. Due to homeostasis being achieved, inflammation and symptoms of autism may be treated. Moringa leaf powder or capsules may also be beneficial in treating the inflammation associated with autism. Moringa leaves are rich in antioxidants such as quercetin and anti-inflammatory compounds such as isothiocynates that may assist you fight inflammation. As a result, the autism symptoms may improve.

In addition, certain medicinal mushrooms can also be used to reduce inflammation. These mushrooms include reishi, shitake and maitake. These mushrooms contain compounds that may reduce inflammation and therefore may treat autism. It is recommended that you take medicinal mushroom capsules daily to improve overall health. Mushrooms also contain substances called beta glucans which may also assist the body in fighting inflammation. In addition, mushrooms regulate or modulate the immune system. An immune system that functions well and effectively decreases inflammation and carefully controls the body’s response to disease.

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