Consult with a qualified Healthcare professional.

Nature’s Relief offers consultations with qualified Healthcare professionals specialised in dispensing natural medicines.

Some of our Offerings & Services

1. Onsite Consultation & Scan – R700

2. Onsite Consultation – R500

3. Onsite Follow-up Consultation – R350

4. Onsite Health Screening – R200

5. Virtual Full Consultation – R400

6. Virtual 10 minute Consultation – R200


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    smoking/vapingsublingual dropsFECO oilcapsules or ediblesTopical balm/cream suppositorybodycare productsother

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    Full Consultation (R500)Free Consultation (10 minutes)

    Please accept the following in order for us to conduct a consultation

    I give the healthcare professional permission to consult, advise me and recommend a product/s for my condition accordingly.

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    I am over 18 years old

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