Partnership Program Opportunities in sustainable Natural Health solutions

The industry is growing fast and is quickly securing its future. Grow Green (Trading as Nature’s Relief) offers a healthy lifestyle solution, additional income potential, and a chance to give back. People see results from our CBD Products, Moringa Superfood Range, and Medicinal mushroom solutions. We want you to be part of their story and help share it. This is the most rewarding part for all involved. Good word spreads fast.


At Grow Green Distribution, we are passionate around the power of CBD products and our primary goal is to research and create innovative adaptogens that will change the lives of people around the globe. We also believe that these Products should be available worldwide, specifically for their health benefits and for those craving to balance their human immune system. In Conjunction with our Free Consultation by our Medical Professionals and follow-up processes, we believe this solution provides the individual packaged uniqueness required by our patients.


We offer quality, tested, premium CBD oil. Grow Green has invested in a very extensive period conducting research to ensure that each and every customer understands how the these selected adaptogens work. This also comprises of the benefits and the various practices of the CBD oil, focussing on the Ailments and then the accurate Product solution mix.

Take advantage of Grow Green Distribution Solutions including:

  • Belong to Nature’s Relief Community, delivering quality, affordable health care to our fellow citizens through.
  • Free Online Consultation with our Medical Professionals
  • Quality, tested Products
  • Ailments Charts with recommended products
  • Free Training and support to grow your income

Grow Green Distribution Currently has the following Opportunities in Place

1. Independent Distributor Program

If your business is interested in becoming a Distributor of Nature’s Relief (Grow Green Distribution), we’ll be happy to accommodate you.  Supplement your income from Home or in your personal time by joining our program and distributing Products and solutions to your personal Networks

2. Wholesale Program

If your business is interested in becoming a wholesaler or retailer of Nature’s Relief (Grow Green Distribution), we’ll be happy to accommodate you. Our experienced staff is happy to answer any questions on the vast selection of products we offer, including CBD products. We will support you by providing marketing materials, and training to all clients. We value your support and strive for a long and prosperous business relationship. Our greatest joy comes from knowing that our satisfied customers choose to recommend Nature’s Relief Products and Solutions.

3. Franchise

We currently have two fully operating stores, one in Durban North and one in Olivedale, Johannesburg. We have the business model to replicate with speed to market and are seeking likeminded entrepreneurs in this industry. We have full Operator Training and systems in place to enable a fast start up.

4. Export Program

Take advantage of the current ZAR (South African Rand Currency) status. We have the required Bank accounts in foreign Currency to enable simply payment processes. Grow Green Distribution has a license to export our product solutions Globally, and can deliver to any address worldwide.

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