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Health as a Human Right – Allowing yourself to heal naturally

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Taking health into your own hands


Your health is the most important thing! Your health allows you to live comfortably, to work without boundaries and to be of service to those you love. Your health determines your quality of life and allows you freedom in so many areas. Universal health care should be a top priority for all people regardless of race, religion or socio-economic status. In South Africa, all citizens have the right to access health care; however, there are deep inequalities between public and private care meaning those with a lower income are suffering. Public sectors are under resourced and underfunded. Public health care means long waiting times and poor health care delivery. Not only this, but there is a massive disconnect and lack of empathy within the healthcare system and people are being treated as numbers instead of unique individuals with their own set of needs. It is no wonder then, that more and more people are taking their health into their own hands and seeking alternative health care solutions that treat the person holistically providing long term healing.

Health as a fundamental right


The World Health Organization (WHO) believes that health should be the fundamental right of every human being. WHO also recognizes that the right to health means that everyone should be entitled to control their own health and
body and should be treated with respect and dignity. It’s about people-centred care. WHO states; “When people are given the opportunity to be active participants in their own care, instead of passive recipients, their human rights are respected and the outcomes are better.” Here at Nature’s Relief, we follow the principles of the World Health Organisation and its embodiment of human rights in the practice of care. Our aim is to develop an ongoing relationship with our clients and to walk with them on their journey to health.

Personalized health care


We are committed to providing personalised care and offer free in-house consultations with our health care professional. This means everybody has access to professional advice with no obligation to purchase from our store. We understand that personalized care is at the heart of good medical care which is why we want to take the time to get to know every one of our clients. Our in-house healthcare professional is here to answer all of your questions and find the right fit for your personal needs. Our dispensary is a safe space focused on improving the quality of life for everyone. We believe in on-going support, we don’t simply prescribe treatment and send you on your way, we want to know if our treatments are truly effective which is why we follow up with all of our customers within two weeks. We want your feedback and we want to know that we are helping. We are on a mission to learn about each individual case and find the best natural solution suited for each person.

Let’s walk this journey together


If you feel like you have been let down by the medical system or that conventional medicine is no longer working for
you; perhaps it is time to find an alternative holistic solution. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from booking a consultation today at one of our stores. It only takes 15 minutes and will open a whole new world of healing to you.

To book an appointment, please call us on the following numbers:

Johannesburg: 063 502 2974
Durban: 081 441 6701
Let’s walk this journey together! We hope to see you soon.

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