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The value of a Homeopathic Consultation

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The high number of chronic medication users

According to the centralised Chronic Medicines Dispensing and Distribution department (CCMDD), there are currently 3.2 million people registered to receive chronic medication in South Africa. Data collected by Georgetown University shows that in the United States there are 131 million chronic medicine users, this is over 66% of adults in the US. Prescribed medication is important for controlling chronic conditions, but it is necessary to note the dangerous interactions between medications and the side effects of chronic medication. In the United States, 7000 – 9000 people die a year because of medication error. These errors are not only between different chronic medications but also between chronic and natural medicines. These numbers are far too high, and this type of negligence should not be allowed. Therefore, it is vitally important that your doctor knows your medical history and is aware of any medication you may be taking before prescribing treatment.

Errors in prescription

It is not uncommon to feel like you are not being heard in a doctor’s consultation. Often you may feel rushed, confused or like you are not being taken seriously. This is a real problem and most medication errors occur during the prescribing stage. This is not only because of the wrong medication but also the route, dose, and frequency of medication. Your doctor should go through any drug interactions with you and clearly explain when and how to use your medication. A doctor’s consultation can be expensive and time consuming. You deserve to be valued and heard. At Nature’s Relief, we believe in the value of a medical consultation before prescribing treatment which is why we have an in-house homeopathic doctor who is available for free health care consultations to all our valued clients.

Natural medicine

Full Spectrum High CBD Extract TinctureCBD and full spectrum products are considered a natural medicine and are easy to obtain without any prescription or knowledge of a person’s medical history. However, CBD can have adverse interactions with certain medications which is why we advise that you speak with a health care professional before taking CBD. Many medical doctors do not know much about CBD and the drug interactions which is why Nature’s Relief has employed the services of a homeopath. In a growing natural medicines industry, there is more value being placed on natural doctors. The value of Natural doctors is their knowledge of the body and biochemistry and their ability to understand and prescribe natural holistic medicines or nutraceuticals.

Homeopathic doctors

The homeopathy syllabus in South Africa is closely aligned with that of conventional medicine. Homeopathic doctors receive the same training as medical doctors and homeopaths are considered to be primary care physicians. The only difference between conventional medicine and homeopathy is the medications that each physician prescribes. Everything else is the same. Homeopathic doctors can send for blood tests, x-rays, etc.


Clinical homeopathy

The two main types of homeopathy are classical and clinical homeopathy. Our homeopath is a clinical homeopath. In clinical homeopathy, homeopathy is built on medical training or education. So, a clinical homeopath believes that medical education and knowledge is essential to homeopathy. A clinical homeopath is not against taking conventional medication. A clinical homeopath will prescribe a homeopathic medication to take along with the pharmaceutical medication. Clinical homeopaths consider themselves as doctors and therefore medical knowledge is of great importance when evaluating a patient. They take a full medical history, perform a full physical examination and, if necessary, send for blood tests or x-rays. Clinical homeopathy is based on the diagnosis of a disease, medically evaluating the patient, and prescribing homeopathic medication based on the disease or symptoms of the disease.

Consultation with a healthcare professional

This is what our consultations involve; an evaluation from a healthcare professional (our homeopath) who will then prescribe the right course of treatment. Normally a consultation with a homeopath can cost anywhere between R300 – R1000, but because we value our customers and want to ensure the safety and efficiency of our products, we offer free consultations with a qualified homeopath. We follow strict procedures to make sure we are practicing professionally. Our doctor will ensure he knows about each clients medical history and will make sure he is aware of any chronic medication a patient may be taking in order to prescribe the right treatment and ensure that there are no negative interactions between medications. We also keep a record of each of our patients for further research.

Book a free consultation with us

To date, our homeopath has seen over 200 patients and we have had an overwhelming positive response from these consultations. Our patients were put at ease with the appropriate knowledge and guidance about treatments for their unique conditions. Most importantly, our patients felt heard and valued. We want to extend this offer to each of our customers. Please feel free to book an online appointment or you can give us a call on our Joburg or Durban number. We will try our best to find a time slot that suits you. To book an appointment please call:

Durban: 081 441 6701
Johannesburg: 063 502 2974



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