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Intention setting for the New Year

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Are New Goals realistic?

In less then two weeks we will be saying goodbye to 2020 and welcoming in 2021. Many of us are relieved to be saying goodbye to a difficult year and ready to walk into a (hopefully) more positive year. Every year we start the year by setting goals or resolutions that we want to achieve and this year, feelings of starting over over may be amplified. You may have set many goals for 2020 that you weren’t able to achieve due to covid restrictions. This next year may feel like added pressure. But are New Years goals realistic? In fact, studies have shown that over 80% of New Years goals fail. This is often because there is no accountability in goal setting. There may be a goal there, but no active steps put in place to reach this goal. Intentions are lived each day in the present moment. It is an active decision to wake up each day and live in your truth, making a conscious decision towards your own growth and development.

Intentions for the present moment

Intentions rely on how you feel now in the present moment. Whereas goals are just something you want to achieve in the future independent of how you may be feeling. With goals, the emphasis is placed on results and external achievements. Intentions prioritize the relationship that you have with yourself. Intentions are aspects that you want to be. For example, instead of prioritising weight loss as the goal rather set health as an intention, being kind and respectful towards your body. Setting intentions is a gentle way to reach your goals and prioritise your happiness. Let’s look at some ways to set intentions rather than goals.

Prioritize health over external appearance

Rather then focusing on how you look, focus on how you feel. Maybe weight loss is your goal but if achieving this goal is causing you any kind of discomfort, you may need to reassess if your methods are within true alignment of your emotions. A good way to make health a priority is to spend a few mindful moments each morning communicating with your body. Ask your body what it needs to feel it’s best. Perhaps you need movement or stillness. Maybe your body is craving hydrating food or perhaps more satiating meals. Whatever it may be, learn to lead with your intuition. Of course, you always want to start the day ensuring that you have enough nutrients to feel like you are at peak performance. Incorporating a supplement like Nature’s Relief Moringa into your daily intentions will make sure that you receive 92 nutrients, 46 antioxidants, omega 3,6 and 9, and all your antioxidants. There’s no better way to love and nurture your body then by fuelling it with the right nutrients.

Find peace in the present moment

It’s easy for your mind to be consumed by thoughts and worries of the future. We might be so busy worrying about the future that we forget to live in the present. If we look at it logically, it’s important to remind ourselves that we can always handle whatever situation we are in as it is happening. We have always gotten through tough periods of our life, worrying about future events does nothing to ease our anxiety, in fact it only worsens our anxiety. Rather try to be present with what is happening in the moment. Sit with whatever is rising and work through it. Try to slow your mind, not holding onto to anything that arises but rather observing it and letting it pass you by, holding everything lightly. If you are still really struggling to slow down your racing mind, try taking a few drops of Nature’s Relief CBD Calm. CBD works by affecting the body’s endocannabinoid system which naturally produces cannabinoids, such as anandamide. This cannabinoid acts upon the body’s CB1 and CB2 receptors and plays a key role in regulating fear and anxiety.

Release toxic energy

Negative energy is toxic to your bodies system and can make you physically sick. This energy can come from different places such as people in your life, your home or work environment and even the food you consume. It is important to recognize this toxicity and know when to let go. You can even rid your body of toxicity by taking the right supplements such as Nature’s Relief Moringa and Fulvic leaf capsules.  Fulvic acid is a naturally occurring organic compound usually found in soil and plants. It is recognized for it’s ability to balance and energize cell life and biological processes.  Fulvic acid is one of nature’s most powerful organic electrolytes and can detoxify the body of harmful toxins and heavy metals.

Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year

We would like to take this time to wish all our fantastic customers a Happy New Year! 2020 was a difficult year for many but with your continued support, we were able to make it through. Words cannot express our deepest gratitude. We would like to remind you, Energy flows where attention goes. If you are focused on health, happiness and well-being, this is where you will see personal growth. We would like to wish you all the best for 2021, may it be a year of continued growth and positivity!

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