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Assisting with the symptoms of Coronavirus

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The coronavirus vaccine has landed on our shores and the first role out to essential workers and the immune compromised is expected to happen within the next few days and weeks. Whether you are pro-vaccine or an antivaxxer, there’s no denying the negative effects and symptoms caused by the coronavirus. The price increase of ginger and garlic, (both powerful immune boosters) in the stores indicate that people are looking to boost their immune systems and treat the symptoms of the coronavirus. While we make no claims that we can cure coronavirus, we can offer services that assist with some of these symptoms and help build up the immune system so that you can heal faster. Our in-house health-care professional gave us some of his top recommendations to assist with some of these symptoms.


A fever is the body’s natural response to inflammatory or invading microorganisms, for example, a virus. A fever is one of the most common symptoms of the coronavirus which is why there is temperature screening at every establishment you enter. Nature’s Relief 600mg CBD pain drops are an excellent anti-inflammatory treatment. CBD helps to reduce inflammation in the body and manage pain. Supplementing with CBD oil increases cannabinoids and restores balance to the endocannabinoid system. Nature’s Relief Herbal balance is also an excellent anti-inflammatory and a powerful immune booster. Nature’s Relief Herbal Balance is used for general immunity, systematic imbalances and other minor symptoms. This powerful immune booster contains many beneficial ingredients such as turmeric, frankincense, sceletium and buchu to name a few.

Dry cough

A dry cough is due to upper respiratory tract infection. Nature’s Relief Canna honey is an excellent way to assist with a dry cough. CBD is an anti-inflammatory and honey is a natural anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and is well known for relieving cough.

Shortness of breathe

If you have coronavirus and are experiencing shortness of breath, you should monitor your symptoms closely as this could be a medical emergency. Patients who cannot manage their conditions need to be referred to a hospital. Cordyceps mushroom tincture is excellent for improving blood flow and increasing oxygen distribution to the body tissues. Stamina mushroom capsules may assist in the management of respiratory health.


A study from the World Health Organization has found that fatigue is the third most common symptom of the coronavirus with 38.1% of people reporting the symptom. Your body is focusing all it’s energy on fighting off a virus which can leave you feel exhausted.  Nature’s Relief Cordyceps mushroom tincture may counteract fatigue by improving circulation and increasing oxygen intake and distribution to the tissues. For an extra dose of energy, try  a shot of Nature’s Relief Nootropic Energy which is a combination of CBD, cordyceps and maca. A powerful combination for an energy surge.

Muscle and body pain

Pain caused from the Coronavirus is mainly due to underlying inflammation. Nature’s Relief CBD 600mg PAIN helps to reduce inflammation in the body and manage pain. Our Nature’s Relief 2-in-1 healing balm is excellent for soothing painful areas and reducing pain, swelling and stiffness.

Sore throat

A sore throat affects 13.9% of people with coronavirus. Nature’s Relief 600mg CBD Pain drops reduce throat pain, swelling and redness. Nature’s Relief Canna honey is an anti-inflammatory and honey can soothe an inflamed throat.

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