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Exercise and mental health

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It has almost been a year since the worldwide lockdown was announced. Many of us are still working from home which means that it will soon be a full year of spending most of our time isolated, in one place. But there has been some benefits from working from home as we find new ways of increasing productivity and customer satisfaction. In fact research shows a 22% increase in productivity from employees who work from home in relation to their colleagues who were working from their office space.

The downside of this, however, is that this may have an impact on your mental health. It may be progressive and subtle but it is evident that working from home can create a sense of loneliness, stress and anxiety. It transforms the way you interact with your colleagues and peers and reduces your ability to track your milestones.

Mental health benefits of exercise

We want to encourage you to take a step back and check-in, what does your lifestyle look like now? We are still restricted with lockdown regulations and we also still need to consider our health and safety. However, physical movement is a free and safe practice that comes in various forms which we can adopt into our daily practice. Now, more than ever, it is important for people to be as active as they can be.

Did you know that exercise can have a profoundly positive impact on your mental health? In fact, studies have found that exercising (running) for just 15 minutes a day can reduce the risk of major depression by 26%. Exercise releases chemicals like endorphins and serotonin to your brain that help to improve your mood. Exercise also helps to pump blood to your brain which helps you think more clearly.

Finding motivation

Have you lost your sense of motivation to move? Don’t be so hard on yourself, take it in small steps but try to be consistent. Going for three twenty minute walks for the first week will help you get out of the house, breathe in fresh air and move your body. The following week challenge yourself by doing 30 minutes and keep it that way. Give your body extra support with our Moringa and Nootropics.

Nature’s Relief Moringa is an excellent supplement to keep your body strong and healthy. Moringa can be used to boost energy, as an antioxidant, assists in anti-aging, fights disease, helps build muscle, helps to burn fat, supports a healthy immune system, supports healthy blood glucose levels, helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels and is a complete source of vitamins and minerals. Nature’s Relief Nootropic Energy is a blend of CBD, Cordyceps and Maca with Vitamin B12. This is excellent for the day when your body feels a bit heavy and tired and needs an energy boost to get the engine running.

Challenge yourself but look after yourself

For the person who has already fallen in love with exercise; we all love a challenge and pushing yourself to reach your goals takes consistent work which can often put strain on your body causing inflammation. This is usually the point that proves to be the most challenging to get through. The exhausted breathe that hits you, the muscle soreness that you experience after your training and the stiffness you feel in the morning, including joint pain, are all signs of inflammation during your workout. Both your body’s immune system and inflammation levels are important for your recovery in between training. Many of us find huge mental benefits through exercise and avoid the necessary rest and recovery needed for our body to come back to it’s natural state before we go again.

This is why our NanoTech CBD Sport is the perfect supplement for the person who is exercising frequently because of the blend of cannabis and terpenes that were used to create it to help reduce inflammation and muscle soreness whilst bringing your body to it’s natural state, allowing you to recover between sessions and progress with less setbacks.

For our runners!

Our CBD Sport will compliment your passion and we have something a little bit more for you with our partnership with RunEx, a virtual running community. Why? As said by RunEx, runners partake in an extremely physically demanding sport – the strongest bodies endure with minimal wear and tear, always ready for the next one.

Runners need strength training and a guided approach to their running, the when, why, how, and how much answered so that the running is the best part – painless performance defines the best of runners from the rest. Therefore, with the right guidance, the right routine, recovery and supplements, you will be able to start, improve and maintain great running longevity.

Our running experience

Jess, who is part of our Nature’s Relief team, has recently embarked on her running journey with RunEx and Nature’s Relief. She did a running analysis with RunEx and has joined their 12 week running challenge which we will give you an update on at the end. It was evident that her glutes are weak and she has had issues with her sciatica which is why she is also taking our CBD drops to specifically help with inflammation whilst she does the appropriate exercises that are necessary to get running strong for her running journey.

If you would like more information about RunEx, please follow the link to their website to book a consultation. If you questions or enquiries about our sports range please contact us, we are here to inform and help.

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