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Reset Collective Turns 1!

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Reset turns 1!

Our good friends from Reset Collective celebrated their first birthday last week and we were honored to take part in their birthday event.

Reset Collective is made up of Gabrielle Akal and Mel Van Straten. This dynamic duo has created an amazing 4 week training and wellness program and has hosted a number of Wellness days that Nature’s Relief has been lucky to be a part of.

We celebrated Reset Collective turning one with some coffee and champagne infusions after some yoga by co-owner Mel and then HIIT by the other co-owner Gabrielle. Recon Health made delicious coffee and Nixon James made delicious, healthy meals. It was such a great morning with the Reset family!

Gabs and Mel from Reset Collective
The incredibly talented Courtney Warren perfectly captured this wonderful morning with her incredible photography skills. Take a look at some of her images below.
The day started with a Yoga class led by Mel Van Straaten followed by a HIIT class by Gabrielle Akal.
A strong HIIT class to start the day
Gabrielle Akal leading a HIIT class
Jess Van Vuuren enjoying the morning yoga class
Spotted Devon Lailvaux from Natures Relief taking part in Mels yoga class
Nixon James prepared us a delicious and healthy breakfast to enjoy after our workouts.
Nixon James doing what she does best!
The most beautiful breakfast bowls
Avo on toast
Coffee was supplied by Recon Health
Breakfast was followed by speeches, champagne and infusions by Nature’s Relief.
Mel and Gabs both gave moving thank you speeches
Bubbles to celebrate
A powerful group of women!
Natures Relief Essential Range
Reset provided the infusions for the day
We loved sharing this morning with our friends from Reset Collective
Devon Lailvaux - Natures Relief CEO
Jess Van Vuuren and Gabrielle Akal
Natural Gold was one of the sponsers on the day
The sponser table
Team 2
We gave Gabs and Mel different CBD products from our range to try. Read their testimonials below
Testimonial from Gabrielle Akal

I started taking the Nanotech CBD sports drops as per Devon’s recommendations after I explained to him that I was experiencing anxiety, burnout and consistently experiencing restless sleep. I wanted something to improve my sleep and calmness. The reason I got the sports drops was also specifically to help me with muscle recovery after intense training. I began by taking twenty drops which made me feel like my heart was racing but I reduced them down to 10 drops which worked perfectly for me and I took the drops around 9pm because I go to bed at 10pm usually. I found this to be incredibly helpful for sleep and calming my mind. I used to wake up during the night¬† but since taking the drops, I sleep straight through which was incredibly rare for me. I had an incredibly good experience with Nature’s Relief from the time I met Jess and Dev in the Durban North Store, I felt at ease when speaking with them and the team. They were friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable and knew exactly what they were talking about and it made me feel like I could trust them. I would recommend them to anyone!

Testimonial from Mel Van Straaten

I started taking Nature’s Relief CBD drops after meeting and speaking with Jess and Devon at the Nature’s Relief Dispensary. Once speaking with them and explaining that I was struggling with sleep and anxiety, even experiencing some form of insomnia, Devon gave his recommendation. It was amazing for me to openly let them know how I was feeling and what my issues were. Because Devon is so knowledgeable in the field, we spoke it through and he explained which products could help me with what I was experiencing and how they work. Which is when he recommended the Nature’s Relief CBD sleep drops which I started taking immediately. A full dosage is twenty drops which I felt were a bit too strong for me and I lowered my dosage to 10 drops which was the perfect amount to take an hour before bed. I really feel that they work for me to sleep through the night and to become more restful and less anxious. I would definitely recommend Nature’s Relief as I have had an incredible experience with them.

A gift from Reset Collective!

The ladies from Reset have kindly offered a complimentary workout video to everyone who subscribes to the Nature’s Relief newsletter. Visit our website and sign up for our newsletter and 10% off your first purchase!

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