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COVID-19 & Emotional Fatigue

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Lately, we have been finding ourselves in more and more conversations where people are feeling demotivated, flatlined, drained, and experiencing brain fog. This really is the result of emotional fatigue.


Everyone has been dealing with the reality of living through a pandemic in a different way. Many of us have been ‘pushing through’ and ‘making the most of the situation’ by ‘being the pillar of strength for others.’ We get it, it is difficult to see those around you suffer and sometimes we take on the role of being the protector, the shining light, and create a safe space for others. You become the person who everyone turns to because you are a breath of fresh air during times of crisis. It has been a year and a half now and maintaining that role can only be sustained for so long.

Identifying COVID-Fatigue

We have seen a shift occur recently where people’s feelings are catching up with them and although the last year and a half has been challenging in many ways; it is now becoming “exhausting.” Wearing masks, social distancing, missing out on major celebrations, not knowing if you can hug someone, feeling bad for saying “no” to plans, and especially the loss of loved ones. Amongst our “normal” life issues and challenges that still occur.


This is all overwhelming and can lead to what we are now referring to as COVID Fatigue. ‚ÄčNot in the sense of an actual COVID symptom of the Coronavirus itself but rather from living through the COVID-19 pandemic which has had a major impact on everyone. any of us have experienced this, even if it has been difficult to identify.

Symptoms include:

Based on our findings, what is most commonly experienced is

– A lack of motivation
– Brain fog
– Anxiety
– Sadness
– Mood swings
– Exhaustion
– Loneliness
– Social Anxiety
– Low self-esteem
– Guilt

What your Nature’s Relief family wants you to know:

You are not alone.


We have had countless conversations where people are feeling this way and we want to normalize this conversation. This can lead to more than just the symptomatic feelings but to overthinking, self-judgment, and a lack of self-worth where you feel like nothing you are doing feels good enough and you feel the need to over-compensate. Especially during a time where phrases like ‘no bad days ‘ and ‘good vibes only’ are being thrown around.


We want you to know the following: Your feelings are valid, you are worthy, and speaking about your emotions or acknowledging how you are feeling is not a sign of weakness.


Ways in which we can help:
Supplements to help you cope with how you are feeling right now:

CBD Calm for stress and anxiety and social anxiety.
CBD Sleep to improve your sleep and assist with a full night’s rest.
Nootropic Mind drops or Neuroflow capsules for mental stamina, concentration, brain fog, and tiredness.
Cordyceps mushrooms for energy and stamina.
Sceletium to improve your overall mood.
Moringa Leaf & Fulvic capsules to ensure you are consuming the right amount of nutrients and improve your energy levels.

If you are looking for guidance

You can speak with our healthcare practitioners in-store, via our website, or social media platforms.
For more serious cases such as severe anxiety, symptoms of depression, chronic fatigue, or others, we recommend speaking with our in-house clinical homeopaths to get more specific and personalized recommendations.


We respect your process!

Please remember at Nature’s Relief we are here to bridge the gap between conventional and natural medicines. We respect your processes. If you are looking to take natural medicines alongside prescribed medicines, we are here to help. If you have decided to start your journey with only taking natural medicines then we can guide you with that process.

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