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A holistic approach to your pet’s wellbeing

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Our Furry Family

For some of us, our furry friends are more like family than pets. We want to do whatever we can to keep them safe and stress-free! Our pet products have very few side effects with a whole lot of side benefits. So, here is our guide to a holistic wellbeing for your pets.

It is a stressful time of year for our pets

This is a stressful time of year for our pets as thunderstorms become more frequent, fireworks are launched, the annual trip to the vet rears its head, and separation anxiety becomes strife as the human parents take a vacation.

Here are our tips for you to help your pets keep calm and relaxed:


CBD creates a calming effect and initiates a relaxation response, which means that you can help your pet feel a sense of ease in moments of distress. Now, to help you feel a sense of ease, we can assure you that our Nature’s Relief CBD pet products do not have THC in them, which is the component that stimulates a high sensation. Besides the calming sensation, other benefits of CBD are that can treat pain, especially neuropathic pain, as well as helping to control seizures, aid inflammation and arthritis in dogs, and it can also improve skin conditions.

How does it work? Use it daily, the exact recommendation will depend on each case and circumstance but we recommend using it in the morning and mostly at night, as well as, moments where you know your pets will feel distressed. Simply place 20 drops into your pet’s mouth or add them to their meal. It’s ideal to calm your pet during storms, fireworks, and other events that might cause stress and anxiety and can be used for dogs, cats, and other animals. We also have CBD pet treats where the dosage is combined with the treat and the pets can get their health benefits in one easy bite.

Whether your dog suffers from anxiety due to travel, loud noises, or having to go to the vet, CBD may help them feel more calm and relaxed.



Stimulating Snuffle Mats

Taking care of your furbaby is more than just keeping them fed, fit, and watered. Dogs need mental enrichment too They need fun, entertaining activities that will keep their brains working and their wanderlust quenched. That’s where a snuffle mat comes in. They are used to:
– provide mental stimulation
– alleviate stress
– encourage slower eating habits
– promotes recovery and strengthens your dog’s joints, especially after an injury
– alternative exercise for dogs on restricted days

The snuffle mats are made by SafeHaven Dog Rescue as well as Mindful Mutts. These are complementary to your CBD pet treats and drops and can be purchased in our stores.  We will be donating proceeds from each purchase to SafeHaven Dog Rescue.



Keeping your dogs occupied and active can ensure they’re tired enough to sleep well on the nights there might be loud noise or events causing anxiety.

We suggest taking them for a weekly (or daily!) run.

Check out the Reset Run which happens every Friday around Umhlanga. The perfect 5km to get your fur baby out and about, making friends and staying active! For weekly venues, follow the Reset Collective Instagram page and stay updated.

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