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The Cannabis Expo

Over this last weekend, Nature’s Relief formed part of The Cannabis Expo. This is the global marketplace for education and innovative products, industry leaders, and businesses. All of which create the cannabis industry, including its medicinal, agricultural, financial, and lifestyle aspects.

The Cannabis Expo featured over 100 exhibitors; representing the full spectrum of the cannabis industry. This Expo is recognised as the largest comprehensive cannabis convention to take place in Africa. Global industry leaders and local government representatives from across the region joined this expo. Some of them presented talks and took part in moderated panel discussions every hour on the Convention Stage, the Cannabis stage, and the Mushroom stage.

Nature’s Relief, at the Cannabis Expo as an industry leader

At Nature’s Relief, our vision is to bridge the gap between Conventional Medicine and Holistic Healthcare. As industry leaders. The Natures Relief Team has formed many global export partnerships, our aim is to use these strategic partnerships to give this amazing plant the recognition it deserves.

Our team had a great time sharing information with the visitors about our natural medicine options and guiding them on their health journey. With the diverse ailments that people are experiencing from anxiety to knee pain; our discussions were extensive. We had a variety of our holistic all-natural, non-toxic blends of tinctures, topicals, and non-invasive treatment options which tend to an array of ailments/conditions.

Informational talks by Devon Lailvaux

Throughout the Expo, there were three stages. Each of which industry leaders and doctors shared their knowledge about the industry and the benefits of the cannabis plant and mushrooms. As an industry leader, Natures Relief provides a platform that re-educates and destigmatises the many myths associated with cannabis and mushrooms. Which is why it was a great experiences sharing the knowledge amongst the cannabis industry.

The Founder and CEO of Nature’s Relief, Devon Lailvaux, was invited to give six talks over the course of the weekend. He elaborated on the credible scientific information about the cannabis plant and mushrooms. He explained the many uses and medicinal benefits, as evidenced by an emerging global consensus throughout the course of the weekend.

This included Cannabis Talks at the Cannabis Stage as well as Mushroom Talks at the Shroom stage which we encourage you to watch. You can do so on our instagram page if you click here. Side note – should you want to learn more about the benefits of the plants and the processes that we use. As well as how we can guide you to a strong quality of life you can contact us here. We can guide you to take the right dose, taken at the right time, resulting in the desired outcome for you.

Launching the Lifestyle Brands

Throughout the expo, Nature’s Relief was situated between two exciting brands. We consider both of these our brother and sister brands which have recently launched their unique lifestyle products.

Recon has recently launched a mushroom-infused coffee blend. It is a blend made with Ugandan coffee beans and infused with mushrooms such as Chaga, Cordyceps, and Lions Mane. This powerful combination intends to generate both mental and physical energy to optimise your performance throughout the day.

Khula Botanicals has recently launched an alcohol alternative. Khula Libre is the name which is a botanical blend inspired by tequila. It was carefully created to heighten your sensation, boost your serotonin and energy without the chance of a hangover.

See you at the next one, Cape Town.

We are excited to announce that we will be seeing you at the next expo which is held in Cape Town, from Thu, 24 Mar 2022 – Sun, 27 Mar 2022 at the GrandWest Casino and Entertainment. Stay tuned for more exciting information and products shared. You can find out more information and book your tickets via their website .  See you there!

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