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New Year, New Healthy Morning Habits!

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Setting the tone for each day!

At Nature’s, we want to focus on simple, doable healthy morning habits that we can stick to and be realistic about to incorporate into your routine.

Having a daily routine is a commitment to yourself and taking the steps towards success. (No matter your definition!) It helps you with setting the tone for the day. This creates a better environment for you to become more organised, reducing stress and anxiety!

Here are our guides to healthy Morning habits, take what you like and leave the rest!

Our recommended healthy morning habits:

1. Try to wake up with the sun, or set an alarm that gives you enough time to wake up slowly and mindfully.
Why? Waking up with the sun allows your body to become in sync with its circadian rhythm; the flow of the day that affects your physical, mental, and behavioral changes throughout the day. This means that you are naturally energised by the rising sun – making it a perfect time to rise!
Waking up early (or with enough time to spare) also helps you to have some time to breathe, wake up and mentally prepare for the day ahead. Yes, without jumping out of bed, slipping your clothes and racing to your workplace without time to have your morning coffee!

2. Drink lots of water first thing and take your supplements and vitamins for the day.
– Drinking water first thing in the morning helps your body flush out toxins and balances the lymphatic system. Why is this important? Well, a balanced lymphatic system sustains a healthy immune system which protects your overall health. It also helps you to drink your first 500ml of water out of the daily 2 liters that you should drink each day.
– Moving toward your supplements; we recommend:
a. Moringa tablets for all your necessary nutrients.
b. Rawbiotics for your gut which helps with your overall mood and health.
c. Nootropic Mind or CBD Focus to get through your to-do list for the day.

3. Don’t use your social media or phone for the first 15-30 minutes of waking up, and rather spend time with those in your house, read a few pages of a book or sit outside with a cup of tea or coffee.
When you check your social media soon after your eyes flutter open, you are hijacking your own time. As you scroll for 15 minutes looking at how other people are living their lives, you are taking away your own ability to set yourself up for a successful day of your own. You also allow for other people’s opinions to consume your mind which can pollute your own thinking patterns. These can disrupt your natural thought patterns and even affect your mood before you have even begun to experience your day!

Give it time!

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to making change and creating new habits. However, giving yourself time to allow yourself to fully feel the benefits and allow them to stick is important. We recommend picking the habits that resonate with you the most and dedicating a full 21 days of committing to them before hanging the towel on them.

A collective goal of avoiding burnout
End the day with content!



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