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End the day with content!

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Setting up for success

If you fail to prepare then you are inevitably preparing to fail. This is something we want you to avoid. So, we are here to guide you in the right direction – towards success. Establishing an evening routine enables you to prepare for the day ahead. So, here are some steps that you can take to end the day with content!

Steps to take (or consider taking!) to feel content.

Establish a Shut Down process: This signals to your brain that your work is done for the day so you can rest. Your racing thoughts will start to soften and your brain will recognise that it is time to sleep. It might start with writing down all your unfinished tasks so you know what’s needed for the following day. Then close your laptop and put your phone on ‘Do Not Disturb.’ Begin to focus on taking a shower, using your nighttime skincare routine, lighting your favourite relaxing candle, and making your evening cuppa tea. This is also a good time to take your CBD drops. When you feel extra tense, try having a long bath and listen to a podcast to redirect your thoughts away from work stress.

Get ahead of the day ahead: Use the evening to prepare for the next day. Know what tasks are first and last for the day, where you need to be, and who you are meeting. Then, based on this, pack for the next day. Consider the clothes you’ll need, any work items, your lunch or snacks, and prep your breakfast too. Put your favourite music on or again, listen to a podcast to make it feel like less of a chore. This allows your mind space for the morning and prepares you for an effortless start to the day with a lot less to think about. This mental space and time saving for in the morning will also give you the capacity to ease into the day.

Journal or meditate: Bring peace to your mind, write down what you’re grateful for. Record moments from your day that you want to remember or learn from. Writing down aspects of the day creates an opportunity for you to release pent-up emotions, especially negative ones that need to be let go of. Acknowledging aspects of your day also allows you to monitor your emotions, mood, and symptoms that you may be feeling. It allows you to understand how you are feeling and access the level of your health. Whether it is ascending you declining.

Get a good night’s sleep: When you have a deep, sound sleep it helps your brain health. It enables your brain to be sharper, where you will be able to retain information easier. Your mood will also be more balanced with fewer negative emotions and you will be less triggered throughout the day. Sleep also helps regulate your appetite. Being sleep-deprived influences the hormones in your brain that control appetite. With those out of balance, your resistance to the temptation of unhealthy foods goes way down.

Ways to help you reach REM sleep: We suggest doing this by making a nice cup of CBD tea (known for its digestion and calming properties.) Take your CBD Sleep drops or capsules to induce a deeper sleep. If you are more into mushroom supplements, we recommend taking our Reishi Mushroom drops. Sleep is crucial for healing the body, keeping the immune system in tip-top shape, and making sure you can function effectively the next day.

Give it a real go!

These are tips and tricks that have been tried, tested, and have shown to be life-changing for the team at Nature’s Relief. They may seem small but each of these will help you to get a step ahead. By doing so, they show a commitment to yourself and your life which is an empowering act. Plus, it really can help you end each day with content. We urge you to give each point a real try for a full two weeks to feel the benefits.

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