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If you didn’t attend the Cannabis Expo, here are some of the things you missed

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Nature’s Relief attended the Cannabis Expo at the Grandwest in Cape Town. It was amazing networking with all the key players in the industry and seeing the exponential growth that has taken place in all departments across the board.

It was amazing to be a part of this event and meet all the global cannabis leaders.

Nature’s Relief stand at the expo


Everyone that attended the event and visited our stand got the full Nature’s Relief experience. We consulted with all attendees, took them through a variety of non-toxic natural remedies and supplements. At our stand we also advised each patient how our specific blends of CBD and mushroom tinctures and capsules can be incorporated into their daily lifestyle to enhance and optimize their physical and mental well being.

Cape Town welcoming Nature’s Relief

We are so overwhelmed by the positive feedback and response we have received in Cape Town. Clients expressed how they have a longing for natural healthcare and organic remedies. They’re seeking a brand such as Nature’s Relief to assist in guiding and treating their community with patient specific remedies.

Attendees were taken aback by our homeopath’s knowledge and our attention to detail as well as our  procedures that ensure our patients feedback are tracked, keeping our records up-to date.

Devon Lailvaux our founder & CEO giving educational talks at the Expo


Devon Lailvaux the founder and CEO of Nature’s Relief gave informative talks at the Cannabis expo. Explaining how CBD and medicinal mushrooms can be incorporated into your lifestyle.

Devon explained how the endocannabinoid system in our body works. How CBD binds to receptors and can assist in reducing inflammation and bringing the body back to homeostasis.

Nature’s Relief is coming to Cape Town

We had a lot interest in Cape Town regarding franchisees and clients wanting to join the brand and open their own Nature’s Relief store in Cape Town.

Keep an eye out for your natural specialist, Nature’s Relief in Cape Town. We’ll see you soon, watch this space …

The next cannabis expo will be in Durban during the month of July. The Nature’s Relief team will be there in full force to help, guide and consult with as many attendees as possible.

We look forward to the next expo and hope to see everyone there.

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