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Becoming a Better Boss

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How to be a ‘Better’ Boss

Owning your own company and being responsible for a team of people is tougher than most people think. You need to lead by example and set boundaries in the workplace. Also, create an environment that supports mistakes and builds trust. This is why we have some tools for becoming a better boss.

With that being said, about half of workers have left a job to get away from a manager or boss, according to a Gallup poll. And in a study by work-happiness company Woohoo Inc., when employees were asked what factors cause bad days at work, the top answer was “a lack of help and support from my boss.”

So how do you ensure you’re the best boss ever? Take care of yourself first.

It might sound counter-productive, but how are you supposed to care for your staff and run a successful company if you are burnt out or depressed?

Interested in becoming a better boss? We’ve put together some of our best ways to make sure you’re looking after your wellness so you can achieve happiness in the workplace:

1 Sleep: This is vital to ensure you’re on form during working hours. You can’t make quick decisions or deal with a fast-paced environment when your brain is lagging and you haven’t had enough sleep. We recommend aiming for 6 to 8 hours a night. Are you someone who needs a little more help to settle your brain and calm your racing thoughts? If yes, we suggest our Nature’s Relief CBD Drops and Capsules for sleep. We have various mg options available, so you can opt for something mild or strong depending on how severe your insomnia might be.

2. Energy and Focus. When you’re in charge, everyone turns to you for answers and advice. You’re sitting in meetings for hours and you need to be focused so you can make important decisions with clarity. If this is something you struggle with, we suggest our Cordyceps mushrooms drops or Nootropic Mind for mental (and physical) stimulation. They enhance the brain’s ability to hone in on important information. Also, allowing you to direct your attention to something for longer periods.

3. Mood. The way you enter the office at the beginning of the day sets the tone for yourself and your staff for the remainder of the day. To keep happiness levels high, we suggest our Sceletium drops. Sceletium tortuosum.  This plant native to southern Africa has been used by indigenous peoples for centuries to aid with relaxation and stress reduction.

4. And lastly, your Nutrient levels. You are likely spending long hours in the office. This allows for little time to concentrate on how many meals you’re eating and what vitamins and minerals they consist of. Taking a supplement daily is crucial to ensure your digestion is in tip-top shape and you’re getting the nutrients you need. Moringa protects cells from damage and helps to decrease inflammation and reduce pain. Take two of our Moringa capsules a day or add a small amount of powder to your daily smoothie for a grab-and-go powerhouse snack!

If you are feeling overwhelmed, we can help.

If you don’t think you’ve got what it takes to be a badass boss, or you just need a little help to take it up a notch, we’ve got you covered! Pop into our store or give us a call and we can suggest the perfect combo to bring happiness back into your life and workplace.

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