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How to keep your kidney health


Kidney health

Kidney health is a topic that is not talked about very often. This topic is necessary to bring to the forefront as studies have found that more than one in seven adults will experience chronic kidney disease. Chronic kidney disease is the ninth leading cause of death in the US but 90% of people with kidney problems don’t even know they have this disease.  This is a huge issue as kidney disease left untreated can be fatal. There needs to be more awareness and conversation about kidney health. We wanted to look at some of the symptoms of kidney disease and ways to improve your kidney health.

Signs of kidney disease

It is especially important to look out for signs of kidney disease so that you can seek treatment as soon as possible. These symptoms can include being more tired or having less energy due to a build up of toxins or impurities in the blood. Even though you feel tired, you may have trouble sleeping as the kidneys struggle to filter toxins. A lack of minerals in your blood may lead to dry and itchy skin while a constant need to urinate is a big sign of damage to the kidney filters. If you see blood in your urine, it may mean that blood cells are damaged and have started to leak into your urine. This is indicative of tumours or kidney stones and professional medical attention should be sought immediately. Physically, puffiness around the eyes and swollen feet and ankles shows a sign of sodium retention while muscle cramping can be a result from impaired kidney function. 

Your kidneys are vital in the regulation of blood pressure. If your kidney’s fail, your other organs will start to fail as a result. It is for this reason that it is vitally important to take care of your kidney health.

Flush out toxins

Cleansing your kidneys improves your ability to flush out toxins, process certain foods and absorb nutrients. We know that drinking plenty of water helps to flush out toxins but there are also natural supplements you can take that help to detoxify the kidneys.

Mushrooms for Kidney Health

A study has found that cordyceps mushrooms helped lower creatinine levels in people with chronic kidney disease. Nature’s Relief cordyceps drops may help to lower blood pressure and protect the kidney from toxins and complications of diabetes. Nature’s Relief Reishi mushroom tincture also serves as a powerful antioxidant. Reishi is so powerful that it has even been found to reverse injury and damage. Reishi can protect the kidney from inflammation and have an immunomodulatory effect on inflammation of the kidney caused by a poor diet.

Assistance for kidney health

Kidney failure can have life-altering results. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned associated with poor kidney health, it is important to seek professional help. We have a medical professional in store who can assist with any advice regarding kidney health. Book a in-store or telephonic consult with us. Your health is important to us.

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