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At Nature’s Relief, we work closely with several top athletes. In fact, Nature’s Relief was started by Devon Lailvaux, who comes from a Rugby background. Devon found his passion for natural healing when he saw the benefits of using alternative supplements to help speed up his recovery and enhance his athletic performance. Devon recognized that these supplements were not only beneficial for the physiological side but also the psychological aspect that athletes to endure. The physiological side deals with inflammation and pain, helping the joints and muscles to recover that comes from athletes pushing themselves to the limits. Psychologically, the supplements we have developed are designed to help reduce stress. Athletes face a lot of external pressure as they try to pursue their careers and the added stress can affect performance. Nature’s Relief offers safe and effective methods to help athletes feel calm and to focus on their performance by lowering any external noise. We wanted to look at some way’s athletes can enhance their performance in a safe, effective and natural way.


Did you know that exercise increases the efficiency of CBD? CBD works to stimulate the efficacy of the endocannabinoid system which can boost endorphins during a workout. More athletes are also using CBD to help speed up recovery and assist with pain management. CBD also helps with anxiety around sports performance. Pain relievers like Ibuprofen can have negative side effects which is why athletes are turning to CBD to help with pain and inflammation. With this in mind, Nature’s Relief have developed a CBD blend designed specifically for athletes. Nature’s Relief Nanotech Sport CBD Oil is designed to assist with sports performance, sports recovery, and muscle repair. Our CBD works well for athlete’s muscle retention and for improving physical performance. Our CBD contains analgesic or pain reliving properties. Our CBD can help reduce inflammation caused by over-exertion of your muscles.

CBD for rest and recovery


Nature’s Relief has also developed a CBD to help with sleep. Sleep is the most effective to improve athletic performance. CBD can assist with sleep issues due to its anti-anxiety properties and ability to promote relaxation. Our blend of CBD and lavender terpenes will help you to fall asleep and stay asleep. Our CBD promotes restoration and healing through rest, and you should wake up feeling rejuvenated and ready to perform!


Recent research is showing promising results with the use of mushrooms for athletes. Cordyceps in particular are excellent for performance enhancement. A 2016 study showed that Cordyceps resulted in significantly improved tolerance to high-intensity exercise after three weeks of supplementation. Cordyceps are also good for fatigue resistance and endurance and can boost your VO2 max which is your rate of oxygen consumption. Cordyceps also have a number of other benefits including antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Cordyceps can be used as a pre-workout to give you a boost of energy.


Another adaptogen that is gaining attention for athletes is the Reishi mushroom extract. A recent study has shown how reishi and cordyceps can actually increase testosterone. A study conducted in Italy selected 7 male competitive cyclists to take part in a four-month study. During the study, participants were given placebo supplements for one month and were given reishi and cordyceps for 3 months. The cyclists did a race during the first month taking placebo supplements and then again in the fourth month after taking the medicinal mushrooms. Researchers tested the difference in testosterone and cortisol levels and found that and found an increase in testosterone levels. Not only this, but the mushroom supplementation also resulted in lower cortisol levels. Reishi has also been found to have numerous other health benefits including lowering blood pressure and reducing inflammation.


And finally, it is vitally important that athletes follow a healthy diet and get the right vitamins and nutrients to perform at their peak. Moringa is a complete protein which is essential for building muscle. Strenuous exercise can deplete the body of minerals, vitamins and protein but taking Nature’s Relief Moringa Powder can help to heal and strengthen your body. Moringa contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidants which will help the body to recover faster. Moringa is also an excellent source of iron, magnesium and calcium which are all essential nutrients for athletes.

Boost your performance

At Nature’s Relief, we are extremely passionate about health and fitness. We want to give you the right tools to be the best possible version of yourself. Mindfulness is not only what you think but also what you consume. If you would like to improve your performance, please visit one of our stores or give us a call to speak to a helpful health consultant.

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