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The connection between gut and mental health

There is an intimate link between gut health and mental health – in fact, gut health is mental health. An unhealthy gut affects many aspects in our lives including mood, sleep, stress, cognitive function, immunity and hormones. These factors play a huge role in mental health. The gut brain axis communicates through a two way highway known as your vagus nerve. The vagus nerve sends signals from your gut to your brain and vice versa. You see, when you’re feeling anxious, stressed out or perhaps you experience that “gut feeling” – it disrupts the digestive system often causing bloating, IBS, fatigue, autoimmune diseases, weight gain and even skin irritations!

Studies have shown that the gut is also linked to the endocannabinoid system (ECS) which is responsible for :

Regulating Digestion :- which calms nausea, slows down stomach emptying, improves the absorption of vitamins and minerals, reduces acid reflux.

Regulating inflammation :- which improves digestion and absorption of nutrients, reduces swelling and bloating and protects the brain.

Cognitive function :- improves communication between the gut and brain.

These functions all contribute to homeostasis in the gut (stability of the internal environment).

Nature’s Relief CBD calm

Unlike THC (which gives you that “high”), there is another major cannabinoid found called CBD – which stimulates the ECS. Nature’s Relief CBD oil helps the gut with inflammation, digestion, bloating, IBS and maximizes the benefits of a healthy ECS.

Here are some tips to help balance your ECS and gut health:

1. Probiotics :- fermented foods support the gut and put good bacteria back into your body. You can also supplement with a daily probiotic to ensure that you get the right dose of good bacteria. We recommend Rawbiotics Gut which balances the function of the gastro-intestinal tract and works to correct imbalances.

2. Prebiotics :- help fight pathogens by feeding the good bacteria in your gut

3. Omega-3 :- help the lining of your small intestines. Nature’s Relief Moringa capsules nine essential amino acids, which support the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. Moringa Powder has also been shown to help the body cope with stress and strain while high fiber aids weight loss.

4. Digestive enzymes :- aiding in digestion

5. Terpene rich foods :- high in antioxidants and act as anti inflammatories

6. Herbal teas :- help eliminate toxins. Nature’s Relief Moringa and Rooibos tea is a great choice! Both Moringa and Rooibos have anti-inflammatory properties and a high antioxidant content which could show promise in protecting against many diseases, including cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Rooibos and Moringa tea may additionally aid in weight loss

7. Managing stress :- this is the biggest factor to get under control. We have to take our ‘self-care’ routine a bit more seriously by practicing these daily techniques. Using Nature’s Releaf Nootropic Calm Oil before these techniques can enhance the benefits of the CBD oil :

1. Meditation
2. Breathing techniques
3. Yoga
4. Massage

Rest and recovery

Getting a good nights rest is also crucial for gut health and mental health. Try using your Nature’s Releaf Nootropic Calm Oil an hour before bed for optimal sleep. It not only improves the quality in sleep but you wake up feeling rejuvenated without any anxiety/stress.

About Nixon James

Nixon James is a nutritionist and gut health advisor. She offers 6 week gut health programs to get you back on track! Follow her social media pages for more information.

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