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Mother’s Day 2021

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Sunday the 9th of May is Mother’s Day in South Africa. This is a wonderful day to thank our mothers for all they do for us and to show our appreciation by giving back. Although this is a special day, we know it can be difficult for some people who have lost their mothers, are estranged from their mothers or who are battling to become mothers themselves. We wanted to be mindful of those who struggle with this day and focus on celebrating all types of mothers in all different roles. This includes the mother figures in your life, the pet moms, the mother of the group and other moms you may admire for all they do. We wanted to look at unique ways to show a little extra love to these mother figures in our life in ways that contribute to their health and well-being.

For the new mom

Being a new mom is an incredibly beautiful experience filled with so much love. However, while we are looking after the precious new-born baby, we often forget to care for the new mother who has also been through a big change physically, mentally, and emotionally. You may have heard of the term, ‘baby brain’. New mothers are so focused on their babies that they often suffer from memory problems and poor concentration. Our Nature’s Relief Nootropic mind is perfect for an extra memory boost. Nootropic Mind is a blend of CBD, Cacao and Lion’s Mane. For the days when you’re feeling slow and clouded and need a mental kick to switch you on and get focused. New mom’s also struggle with sleep deprivation and may struggle to switch off even when the baby is asleep as they are anticipating the next wake up time. Our CBD sleep infusion is a great natural way to calm you into a restful sleep. However, the CBD sleep is non-psychoactive, and you will still be able to wake up and be present when your baby needs you. And finally, after such an incredible journey of childbirth, a new mom deserves a nice relaxing massage. Our prana natural massage oil is excellent for soothing nerves. Using CBD as a massage oil can help calm inflammation, soothe anxiety, reduce chronic pain, and melt tension away.


Toddler mom

Anyone with a toddler knows that you never stop moving, chasing after your little energy ball and making sure they stay safe is a full-time job! A toddler mom needs energy to keep up with their toddler. Our Nature’s Relief Nootropic Energy is the perfect boost of energy. The nootropic Energy is a blend of CBD, Cordyceps and Maca with Vitamin B12 for the days when your body feels a bit heavy and tired and needs an energy boost to get the engine running. A vital key to keeping a toddler happy is making sure you always have snacks on hand. However, mama also needs to fuel herself to keep going. Our CBD cookies are the perfect treat for a quite moment (if you can find one). Nature’s Relief CBD cookies can be used to promote well-being, alleviate discomfort, and balance the body. CBD may help manage stress, anxiety, pain, and inflammation. When the toddler mom finally gets a moment to unwind, a relaxing bath with a Prana bath bomb is a great way to switch off. Prana bath bombs come in four options; sleep, revive, love and plain. CBD bath bombs help to relax you and boost mental clarity. The bath bombs help to release tension in your body and help to restore and rejuvenate.

The mom of the friend group

We all have that one friend who we refer to as the ‘mom’ of the group. This friend is usually the responsible one who makes sure everyone is kept safe. This friend will make sure you drink enough water, make good choices, and get home safely. The mom of the group is so busy caring for others that she often forgets to have fun herself. A delicious (and still responsible) CBD gummy will help your ‘mom’ friend relax and enjoy her evening. My happy sweets gummies are delicious vegan gummies that can be kept on hand for times of stress or anxiety. If your friend is still struggling to relax, a single serving shot of Nootropic Calm may help to ease social anxiety. a blend of CBD, Vanilla and Reishi for the day when you have a lot on your mind, and you need to take the edge off to focus on the task at hand. We also have full spectrum gummies for those who do want the full cannabis effect with a calming euphoria and a nice alternative to drinking to enjoy your night?

School run mom

The school run mom has kids in primary school and most likely is always on the go picking up kids and taking them to various activities. This mom manages to attend all school events, help with homework, and still get dinner on the table every night, a true super mom! The school run mom needs something that supports her immunity and keeps her healthy. The Natural Gold Elixir is perfect for this. This miracle juice is made up of immune boosting ingredients such as apple cider vinegar, raw honey, lemon juice, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, garlic, and cayenne pepper. All these ingredients boost the immune system, lower cholesterol, and aid bone health. At the end of a long day of running around after kids, this mom deserves a nice cup of tea. The Nature’s Relief Moringa and Rooibos tea is an excellent night-time choice as it does not contain caffeine. This Moringa Leaf and Honeybush Tea combination is used to help relax the body and promote restful sleep while boosting the immune system.

Pet mom

Pet moms love their pets like they are their babies. A dog mom will often refer to her dogs as her ‘fur babies’ and these animals are firmly part of the family. Pet moms will go to all lengths to make sure their babies receive the best treatment in terms of food and supplements. A pet mom would appreciate a gift that keeps her fur kid healthy. Nature’s Relief Pet drops are excellent for the overall health of animals but mainly to keep them calm when you’re away and if there’s a storm give them a few extra so they don’t freak out. Nature’s Relief CBD for Pets is used for arthritis, anxiety (including separation anxiety), cancer and pain and inflammation. Dog moms love giving their babies a treat and our Nature’s Relief Dog biscuits are an excellent healthy option. Nature’s Relief Canna Paws Dog biscuits are used to promote calmness, alleviate discomfort and balance your pet’s body in a natural way.

Wishing all moms a special day

Nature’s Relief would like to wish all our special customers an incredibly happy Mother’s Day. We see all you do and all you are, and you are so appreciated. We are born of love and love is a mother. To Salute you we are offering all mothers our calm600 and pet drops200 combo for R900 which gives you R150 off , and if you don’t have a pet we can offer you our Calm300 and our kids100 as a natural anti-anxiety supplement for R500 which is also R150 off. And finally, for our special moms, we are giving a free Prana bath bomb with all website orders over R500.

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