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Nature’s Relief Nootropic MIND


A blend of CBD, Cacao and Lion’s Mane.

For the day when you’re feeling slow and clouded and need a mental kick to switch you on and get focused. Pop one of these into your coffee or water and feel the mind flow.

Nootropic Mind

Dosage: Use one full serving at a time.

Usage: Add one full serving to water or coffee, 30 mins before meals

Ingredients: 10mg CBD extract | Cacao extract | Lions Mane Extract| Sucrose | Medium chain Triglcerides | Acacia Gum | Polysorbate 80 | Polysorbate 20 | Citric Acid | Potassium Sorbate | Sodium Benzonate

Nano CBD – CBD directly associates with the brain’s dopamine levels which is a chemical neurotransmitter that is in charge of memory, focus and mental awareness.

Cacao – Cacao can improve blood flow to the brain which can increase cognitive function.

Lion’s Mane – Lion’s Mane mushroom increases nerve growth, boosts memory, combats Alzheimer’s and combats dementia.


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