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A night with Food Fusion and Nixon James


Food Fusion Experience

Nature’s Relief had the honor of taking part in our second Food Fusion Experience hosted by Bellezar Umhlanga.

This was a plant-based evening hosted by Nixon James in collaboration with Bellezar, Khula botanicals, Nature’s Relief and Recon Health.

The intention for the evening was to showcase how delicious and enjoyable gut friendly foods can be incorporated into our lives so that we can live a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. Nixon James created the beautiful Thai inspired meals while drinks were made by Khula botanicals and infused with Nature’s Relief products. Our MC for the evening was Duke Makina and Matt Jones was our co-host for the evening.

Health doesn’t have to be boring though, we were able to infuse some of our drops into the food and drinks which ensured that everybody had a relaxing, healthy and fun evening.

Nature’s Relief Infusion Drops

Khula Botanicals made some incredible drinks for the evening that we were able to infuse with some of our drops. We chose our Sceletium drops and Cordyceps Mushroom tincture drops to infuse drinks. Our guests were also able to choose if they would like extra Hemp or Canna infusion drops in their drinks or even on their food.

Your gut is like your second brain and food is a big part of how health and wellness work. Food can be used as medicine. If you put the right thing into your body, your body can heal itself.

More about our Infusions

We chose Nature’s Relief Sceletium for it’s mood-enhancing properties. Sceletium is an excellent broad-spectrum mood enhancing and emotion-mediating herb. It integrates mind, emotion and body and allows for deep bodily and mental relaxation. It calms obsessive thinking, is emotionally grounding and supports freer expression of thought, feeling and speech. It is altogether healing on the psyche and the heart, and engenders a profound integration of mind, body and emotion.

We chose the Nature’s Relief Cordyceps drops for their immune-boosting properties. Immune boosting cordyceps known to improve lung function and physical performance. Contains anti-aging properties and blood sugar modulators. Cordyceps have also been shown to lower cholesterol. Cordyceps sinensis has traditionally been used in Chinese medicine to increase energy, stamina, libido and endurance.

Food Fusion experience!

The evening consisted of a three course plant-based Thai food experience paired with infusion cocktails and mocktails. Take a look at some of the delicious inspired dishes below and be sure to book your spot at the next Food Fusion experience on the Bellezar website.


This consisted of a delicious Wasabi Avo Mousse paired with Sesame crisps and a refreshing Limincello.

Wasabi Avo Mousse with Sesame Crisps
Canna Infusion drops
Gabrielle Akal with our infusion drops


The starter consisted of Crispy tofu rice paper rolls served with a satay sauce. This was paired with an infused blueberry mocktail.

Infused blueberry mocktail
Rice paper rolls with a Satay sauce
Table Setting


Mains consisted of a Thai Green curry on a bed of wild fragrant rice. This was paired with an infused pineapple, ginger and mint kombucha mocktail.

Thai Green Curry
Infused pineapple, mint & ginger Kombucha cocktail
Our hosts for the evening


Dessert consisted of Mango and Coconut Chia pudding with a Cashew Brittle. This was paired with a lovely glass of bubbly.

Mango and coconut Chia Pudding with a Cashew Brittle
Enjoying another successful infusion evening
Cheers to a great night!

More about Nixon James

Nixon James is a whole foods recipe developer and a nutritionist and gut health advisor. Nixon offers a 6 week gut health program. This program is a complete guide to healing your gut microbiome by eliminating trigger foods and slowly reintroducing all food groups again. This 6 week manual is put together beautifully into a PDF eBook which will be easy to access on your phone at all times. Cleanse will cover all bases such as:

  • Learning about gut health
  • Learning about the gut-brain axis and how to stimulate your vagus nerve
  • Learning to cook authentically with organic whole foods.
  • The love of movement and exercise
  • How to meditate
  • How to practice mindfulness
  • How to manage stress

The eBook will have 70+ creative recipe ideas to follow with a guide on how to create your own meals with wholesome, gut loving foods.

When you nourish from within, you flourish!

Follow Nixon on her Instagram account:

Use code: nixonFFE10 to get 10% off your website order.

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CBD Infused Cocktail



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