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The past two weeks have been quite stressful for everyone in some capacity and we are grateful that amidst the riots we faced last week that physically our staff, clients and communities are okay.

However, emotionally this is not the case for many. I wanted to take this chance to check in with my staff and see how they have been coping emotionally and what products have helped them through this difficult time.

Remember, we are stronger together!

Dr Sarah Tandy – Homeopath

My favorite product is nootropic mind because it has the combined effect of CBD, Lions Mane Mushroom and Cacao to boost your focus and energy and it protects your nerves from becoming damaged. It’s a great product to cope with daily stress and work pressures.

Dr Sameer Ally – Homeopath

My favorite product is the CBD Pain drops. These drops have benefitted many customers, having a positive effect on their health. We have seen a decrease in joint pain, muscle pain, lower back pain etc. There has been improvement in conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, psoriatic arthritis and even a decrease in the frequency of seizures.

Sascha Taljaard – Distribution Manager

I use a combination of the CBD calm and Reishi and Turkey Tail drops. I find this really helps my IBS and liver issues due to my previous irresponsible diet. With a better diet and these supplements, I have energy and less pain resolution so I can get on with my life.

Gary Lailvaux – Director

I really enjoy the gummies as they help me to sleep properly.

Jess Van Vuuren – Social Media Manager

It is genuinely so hard for me to choose ONE favorite as I mindfully take 4 Nature’s Relief products on the daily. This being Moringa Leaf Powder, The Nootropic Mind, Nature’s Relief CBD Calm and Sceletium. However, I think the two that I have really been enjoying this year have been both the Sceletium and the Calm drops. Obviously this past year has had external challenges that all of us have had to face. Being an empath, I tend to absorb energy quickly and taking the calm drops helps me find that sense of peace that helps me to more present and focus on mindful interactions and allows me to tackle my tasks for the day one step at a time.

Going deeper than that, and I think it is important to be vulnerable and honest in times like these; something that not many people know about me is that I struggle with anxiety and I am prone to depression. Taking sceletium which is a natural serotonin booster and the calm drops really helps me to navigate through those dips where I feel like I am slipping into a pattern that triggers a depressive state. A little background info: at a young age I was diagnosed with clinical depression. This is something I don’t attach myself too and growing up, even though initially it was a journey, I have dealt with that on a holistic level. After trying anti-depressants and feeling like they were not adding value to my wellbeing and also being being allergic to various medications, I haven’t had any pharmaceuticals since and this is why since being introduced to this brand, I genuinely feel a great sense of connection to Nature’s Relief and I really enjoy being part of the team and am a huge advocate for their products and their mission to empower people to take their power into their own hands and add value to their lives. Going back to the other two products, I use Moringa for overall health and it’s high nutrient content. The Nootropic Mind I use during the week to help me stay alert and concentrate when I have big tasks and deadlines as it removes brain fog and increases neurological functionality.

Carla Jones – Digital Marketing

My favourite products are a blend of the Medi Mushrooms. They give me energy during the day and help with focus and concentration whilst at work. They are also great for our dogs.

Nick Jones – Co-owner

Cordyceps medicinal mushrooms is one of my favourite products as it increases energy levels and focus. Proven studies show increased oxygen levels, better blood flow with an added benefit as it acts as an anti-coagulant and regulates cortisol levels which assists with the after effects of covid in the prevention of diabetes.

Devon Lailvaux – CEO

The Moringa, the Nootropics and the gummies. Moringa for my immune system and digestion. Nootropics for mental energy and focus and the gummies to chill after a long stressful day, to take the edge off and relax a little.

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