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Unwinding with Moon Mylk

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Unwind or unravel

Taking a moment to destress and unwind helps you reset and also has a direct impact on your mental health and wellbeing. Which is why we have created this calm tea.

Think about it, you have had a stressful day and you came home feeling anxious. Taking that energy to bed with you may prolong those feelings which can result in restless sleep and bad dreams. The following day when you wake up, the chances that you feel better are high but you may still feel lingering disease.

Taking a moment to unwind helps you to let go of the day and Tayla Nixon James has created the perfect cup of calm to help you turn off the stress response. This Moon Mylk is created to activate your relaxation response to calm the mind, relax your body and contribute to a healthy sleeping cycle.

Moon Mylk as Calm tea


2 x Rose & Vanilla Chamomile Tea bags (Woolworths)
1/2tsp vanilla essence
1/2tsp rose water
1tsp maple syrup
4 cardamom pods
500ml plant-based milk of choice
200ml water
20 drops of Nature’s Relief CBD calm or as recommended by the healthcare practitioner.


Add all ingredients into a pot and bring it to a boil. Let it steep for 5 min then strain into a glass bottle. Serve right away or leave it overnight and enjoy it as a cold drink.

Practice drinking it mindfully

For many of us, creating our meals and various drinks is done in a rush. We encourage you to contribute to your routine by mindfully creating and consuming your moon mylk. By doing this, you can create more of a relaxed sensation and begin to sway your thought patterns away from the day that you have had and focus more on the present moment and sensations.

A side note about our Nature’s Relief CBD Calm

Our CBD calm is a blend of CBD and other terpenes which is designed specifically to assist with stress, anxiety, and feelings of overwhelm. This product is THC-free and designed specifically for everyone to use from students to professionals who may get drug tested. Meaning, it is safe to use, GMP and SAHPRA approved. Get yours today in-stores or online. 

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