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The Awaken Yoga Festival 25th-27th Feb 2022

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Introducing the Awaken Festival!

Join us for a weekend of festival activities in the heart of the Southern Drakensberg. 

With the intention to ‘Awaken’ to life and all the things it has to offer. Finding your inner zen and becoming inspired by our teachers, meditations, musicians and community.

There will be Yoga classes scheduled throughout the weekend. You will be guided by trained professionals making sure your experience leads to wholeness, healing and self discovery. There will also be talks held throughout the weekend, educating attendees on different yoga techniques and natural complimentary medications that add benefit to your physical and mental wellbeing.

You’ll find delicious and wholesome food on offer throughout the festival too. During the evening you can expect a laid back; chilled space where you can unwind, kickback and relax whilst talking to like minded people.

Synergy between Nature’s Relief and The Awaken Yoga Festival

At Nature’s Relief, we have chosen to work together with the awaken festival because we believe that we share the same vision. We understand that Natural medication and an active lifestyle work hand-in-hand to one’s healthcare, mental wellbeing and diet plan.

Using CBD during your yoga practice can deepen the health benefits of yoga. Helping you to access the body, mind, and soul connection that many yoga practitioners seek. Yoga and CBD share many of the same benefits. They can greatly increase the benefits of both practices when used together.

By combining these two healing practices together, you can double the effects on your body and mind. Particularly if you struggle with anxiety, depression, chronic pain, or cardiovascular issues. Yoga and CBD combined together can be incredibly supportive to health.

What to expect when you Pop by Our Stand

At the Nature’s Relief stand you can expect to find a variety of holistic all natural, non-toxic blends. We stock tinctures, topicals and non-invasive treatments which tend to an array of  conditions. Blends of natural ingredients are used to ensure that the utmost care is taken to treat the specific needs of our patients.

We have a variety of products that cater to many conditions. We will have a full range of products available for purchase at the event. Educating patrons and attendees about the benefits of our products, you can also find CBD infused waters at our stand to keep you energized and focused throughout the busy fun-filled day.

We hope to engage with as many of you as possible & create long lasting relationships. Start your journey to healing at the Awaken Yoga Festival with Nature’s relief… See you there!

Learning more about CBD & Mushrooms with our Founder Devon L.

Our CBD, Medicinal Mushrooms and Sceletium blends assist in boosting you mentally and physically allowing you to enhance your workout’s and make your daily tasks more efficient.

Consuming our medication in conjunction with a healthy holistic lifestyle adds value and benefit to one’s day-to-day tasks.

Our CEO and Founder Devon L. will be giving informative talks throughout the event on medicinal mushrooms and CBD, and how you can incorporate them into your daily lifestyle. To better help deal with physical tasks and mentally draining situations.

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