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How to get through the year end

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Many people within the corporate sector are left feeling Stressed & Anxious

If you work in the corporate sector, a lot of things in your life are probably put on hold at certain times of the year. For most, the annual year-end closing is one of the more stressful times on the annual calendar. Management wants those final numbers as soon as possible.

That means gathering information from a wide variety of sources, checking and re-checking the numbers. Then you have to validate balances against external sources, and pull it all together to create a complete picture of your organization’s financial health. Deadlines loom, and for a few weeks (or an entire month) everything else gets put on hold.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. Nature’s Relief has a variety of options that can assist in optimising your time and enhancing your capabilities making you more efficient allowing you to meet deadlines and better manage your time.

How Stress Negatively impacts you at work

Stress is defined as the “physical and psychological response to a pressure or threat”. Sometimes that pressure is real. When you have a deadline to meet, and other times the pressure is imagined. When you assume that you are the only one struggling and that you have no support around. Or that if you make a mistake the outcome will be catastrophic.

It is when you believe that you don’t have the capacity or support to cope with the pressure. This leads to adverse reactions. This is commonly what people know as “stress” and often includes physical symptoms (heart-rate increase, shaking, pain, shortness of breath or a tight stomach) as well as cognitive symptoms (sense of overwhelm, lack of focus, mood swings or being defensive).

This “fight-or-flight” response can last anything from several minutes to many hours. If it doesn’t subside, it can lead to a chronic response that results in weight gain, high blood pressure, insomnia, and inhibited immune function.

So, if you can interpret those physical reactions a little differently. You can totally change the consequences and turn these moments into times that you have increased focus while using our Nootropic Mind. Improved performance while using our CBD Sports and enjoy health benefits while using our Moringa & Mushroom range. They can be the catalysts that enable you to reach a flow state or “peak performance”. In this state you notice that you have an increased capacity for problem-solving, creative thinking and learning.

Managing Burnouts

We also would like to remind you to reflect on feelings of burnout that you may have experienced last year and to strategize new and healthy ways to work on your mental health and well-being and avoid feeling burnt out in the coming months by taking the right supplements at the right time for the right results.

If you are unsure about which of our products to take and which would be the best dosage for your condition or illness.

We advise booking a consultation with our in store homeopath or consultant.

Start your journey to healing today at Nature’s Relief…

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