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Body Positivity

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At Nature’s Relief, we have found that many people have been requesting products that assist with weight loss, especially women, and especially in Januarywhene many people have set weight loss goals. We understand the enormous pressure that people feel to look a certain way. While social media may have positive benefits, it can also create a distorted reality of a healthy body image. A 2018 study from the US national library of medicine found a correlation between time spent on social media, negative body image, and disordered eating. We tend to forget that social media is often made up of images of people presenting themselves in their best light. Many of these images are photoshopped, filtered, and heavily edited to give us a distorted fantasy over realistic body expectations. As much as we are aware of this, it’s hard not to give in to social pressures. However, there is a growing number of people who have recognized the unrealistic expectations that social media has created, and they have created a new movement, the body positivity movement.

Body Positivity

Body positivity is defined as; “ a social movement initially created to empower and popularize overweight women and men, while also challenging how society presents and views the physical body. The movement advocates the acceptance of all bodies regardless of physical ability, size, genderrace, or appearance.” We support the body positivity movement completely and believe that everyone should be happy and healthy within their bodies without discrimination. We also believe in the health of every size. For some people, perhaps losing weight will lead to a healthier body which is why we wanted to investigate whether it is possible to lose weight and still be body positive. We believe that by making conscious health decisions, you can maintain a healthy weight that you feel positive and comfortable with. Perhaps the best way to do this is to take the focus off weight loss as a goal and put the emphasis back on health. We want to create positive, functional, and happy bodies. We wanted to look at mindful ways to become comfortable in your own body and love every bit of the progress you make.

Positive self-talk and meditation for a healthy body image

When we look in the mirror (or at photos of ourselves) we do so with a critical eye which can form a negative body image. Some of the cruelest comments about your body, start with yourself. We would never dream about saying these things to another person, yet we constantly say them to ourselves. Eventually, we start to attach our self-worth to our physical appearance and with so much negative self-talk, our self-esteem may begin to plummet. What if we changed the narrative and started speaking to ourselves as we would somebody we love? By engaging in daily meditation practice, we can observe our thought patterns and let go of any negative feelings, giving these thoughts less power. There are many guided meditations online that can help you overcome some of these feelings. If you are new to meditation, it may help to set aside 10 minutes every morning to focus on this. Try taking a few drops of Nature’s Relief CBD calm to help clear the mind. Nature’s Relief CBD Calm can help calm the mind as CBD works by affecting the body’s endocannabinoid system which naturally produces cannabinoids, such as anandamide. This cannabinoid acts upon the body’s CB1 and CB2 receptors and plays a key role in regulating fear and anxiety.

Intuitive eating

Intuitive is a way of putting you back in control of your eating habits. Intuitive eating means you learn to trust your hunger cues, to eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full. Instead of a diet that tells you what and when to eat, intuitive eating teaches you to trust your body and promotes a healthy attitude towards food and body image. With intuitive eating, you learn to respect your body so naturally you want to fill it with nutritious food that makes you feel good. It’s about having a conscious connection to what you put into your body. We like to think about all the benefits of the food we are putting into our bodies which is why we always add a scoop of Nature’s Relief Moringa powder to our smoothies. Moringa is a great and easy way to get 92 nutrients into your body and is packed with antioxidants. Moringa may also be beneficial for people trying to lose weight as it can decrease fat formation in the body and improve fat breakdown.

It is also not uncommon to crave sugary foods when you are feeling stressed or anxious. Instead of binge eating during stressful times, try to do things that help calm and regulate you. Nature’s Relief CBD calm can help to ease your mind and combat symptoms of stress.

Move to feel good!

Exercise should never feel like punishment and a number on the scale should not impact the benefits of a consistent workout routine. Exercise is an excellent way to feel good as it increases endorphins, dopamine, adrenaline, and endocannabinoid — these are all brain chemicals associated with feeling happy, feeling confident, feeling capable, feeling less anxiety and stress. It is important to find exercises that feel good to you. If running isn’t your thing… try yoga! Just keep trying new things until you find the right fit for you. It may be beneficial to include Nature’s Relief CBD sport within your workout routine as CBD helps to reduce anxiety. CBD can also help with inflammation which will make your workout routine more enjoyable.

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