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Dry January

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Many of you may be familiar with the concept of ‘dry January’. Dry January started in 2012 as an initiative by a British charity group, Alcohol change UK. This initiative started as a way to encourage people to ditch alcohol for the entire month of January. This is a great way to start the year on a healthy and clearer note especially after the excess and binge drinking of December. Dry January gives you a chance to examine your relationship with alcohol and to maybe inspire some positive changes in your life. If you are feeling called to make a change in your life, dry January may be the perfect place to start. With a second alcohol ban firmly in place, now may be the perfect time to go ‘dry’.  We examine some of the benefits of dry January and some healthy ways for you to cope with the detox.

Benefits of Dry January

Even a short break from alcohol can have huge benefits. A study conducted by the University of Sussex found that 71% of Dry January participants slept better. Alcohol degrades sleep quality by decreasing restorative REM sleep so it’s no surprise that this is the biggest improvement participants reported. 67% of participants reported higher energy levels. Alcohol can suppress your immune response which is why you may have lower energy levels after a weekend of binge drinking and are more susceptible to colds and flu. 58% of participants lost weight. Alcohol is full of empty calories and consuming lots of alcohol may lead you to unhealthy food choices. 54% reported better skin. Alcohol dehydrates the skin which can speed up skin aging. 

Giving up alcohol can also improve your mood. We may sometimes use alcohol to mask symptoms of anxiety or depression but in fact, alcohol can make these symptoms worse. Alcohol interferes with chemicals in the brain that is vital for mental health. Giving up alcohol will give you a clearer head and may equip you to better deal with any issue you are facing. Finally, giving up alcohol will help you save money. This money can be put to better use and you may find you have more finances to invest in your health instead. An investment in health is an investment in you.


Taking a break from alcohol can give your liver a chance to recover and detox, especially after the festive season. If you binge drink over December, it should take 4- 6 weeks for your liver to recover. There are ways to speed up the detox process by taking certain supplements. Cordyceps mushrooms have been used as a traditional Chinese medicine to help promote the body’s natural detoxification pathways. Nature’s Relief Cordyceps can increase antioxidants and can even restore energy for those suffering from adrenal fatigue. Nature’s Relief Moringa and Fulvic leaf capsules are also excellent supplements for detoxing.  Fulvic acid is one of nature’s most powerful organic electrolytes and can detoxify the body from harmful toxins and heavy metals. While Moringa can help restore nutrients in the body.

Decrease stress and get better sleep

Alcohol can act as a sedative and a depressant that can affect the central nervous system. People may use alcohol as a coping mechanism to deal with depression, but this can worsen your condition over time. Using CBD to help you relax and deal with stress may be a healthier alternative. Nature’s Relief CBD calm can be used to treat stress and is a safe and effective way of managing anxiety around stressful situations.
Many people may use alcohol to help them sleep better. Alcohol may help you to fall asleep, but it won’t help you to stay asleep. Alcohol can reduce REM sleep and can be disruptive to a full night of sleep. Taking Nature’s Relief CBD sleep can help you get a better night’s sleep. CBD can assist with sleep issues due to its anti-anxiety properties and ability to promote relaxation. Our blend of CBD and lavender terpenes will help you to fall asleep and stay asleep. Our CBD promotes restoration and healing through rest, and you should wake up feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the day.

Improve your mood

Drinking alcohol interferes with your neurotransmitters and can lower the levels of serotonin in your brain which help to regulate your mood. Giving up alcohol can boost your mental health. There are alternatives to using alcohol to make you happy such as natural products like Sceletium. Sceletium Raw Powder is used for mental and emotional wellness. Traditionally it has been used as a stress and anxiety reliever.

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