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Understanding the Importance of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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Understanding Breast Cancer

October marks Breast Cancer Awareness month, a worldwide annual campaign to highlight the importance of breast awareness, education, and research. Looking after your body and breasts is extremely important as this disease is sadly far too common. Breast cancer is not limited to women, but it is far rarer to find this cancer in men. We want to share a few notes on health and wellness tips to help you take all the steps possible to living well and preventing breast cancer.

Getting into the habit of exercising daily will build up strength and resilience in your body. Studies have found that women who exercise have 30-40% lower risk of breast cancer compared to their counterparts. Exercise can also combat cancer by controlling your weight and the fat cells in your body, reducing insulin, and strengthening the immune system. Regular exercise will also support a better quality of life, leaving you feeling well rested with more energy and enjoying a good night’s sleep.

Our best options for Breast Cancer:

While human studies are needed, emerging evidence suggests that compounds in cordyceps may help treat cancer.

According to one 2022 review of studies, the fungus may directly act on tumor cells to kill them or prevent the growth or spread of cancer cells to other parts of the body. Cordyceps may also help improve the body’s immune response against cancer.

In particular, test-tube studies have shown that cordyceps has anti-tumor effects on leukemia and cancer cells of the colon, lung, liver, bladder, breast, and prostate.

Cannabis has been used medicinally and recreationally for hundreds of years.

There has been a lot of interest into whether cannabinoids might be useful as a cancer treatment. The scientific research done so far has been laboratory research, with mixed results, so we do not know if cannabinoids can treat cancer in people.

Results have shown that different cannabinoids can:

  • cause cell death
  • block cell growth
  • stop the development of blood vessels – needed for tumours to grow
  • reduce inflammation
  • reduce the ability of cancers to spread

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